ESI’s Land Development Engineering (LDE) Semester 2 classes are now open for enrollment in the LMS! Please contact our Chantilly office if you have any questions about enrollment. 

**Please note the dates for Semester 2 classes have changed – Classes begin September 6.**

2022 LDE Semester 2 Schedule: 

Course # Course Title Instructor Class Date

Storm Drainage Design

*early assignment 8/30 due

John Matusik 9/6/2022
L202 Stormwater Planning John Matusik 9/13/2022
L203 Stormwater Management–Quality Ed Umbrell 9/20/2022
L204 Stormwater Management–Quantity Ed Umbrell 9/27/2022
L205 Utilities—Wastewater Design Kathleen Whitten 10/4/2022
L206 Utilities—Water Distribution

Sergio Quiroga

Mike Paruti

L207 Erosion & Sediment Control Walt Hamilton 10/18/2022

*Site Design Process: Step & Procedures I

(12:30 PM-6:30 PM, cannot be made up)

John Rinaldi

Brent Evans


12:30–6:30 PM


Dry Utilities

(3:30-6:30 PM, cannot be made up)

Steve Richter 11/1/2022

*Site Design Process: Step & Procedures II

(12:30 PM-6:30 PM, cannot be made up)

John Rinaldi

Brent Evans


12:30–6:30 PM

L211 Document Production—What & How Lloyd Ntuk 11/29/2022
L212 Engineers/Surveyors Roles During Construction John Cummings 12/6/2022
L213 Semester 2 Exam—Open Book Bill Sharpe 12/13/2022

2022 Academic Catalog


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All DPEs and DPE-eligibles have an annual education requirement to satisfactorily complete three elective Professional Development Classes and a Policy & Procedure Update Class for each jurisdiction in which the member is certified/eligible.

If transcripts are needed, contact ESI staff at (703) 263-2232.